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Some inventions are so simple and logical, all you can say is:
"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - SlipLeash is one of those!
"For years, I have been using the loop handle of my leash as a handy soft choker leash when
taking our Goldens Zeke and Riley for a walk. The loop handle worked great as a choker,
 but it left me holding onto the metal leash clasp - which was not a good handle at all!
And that is how SlipLeash was born - a leash with 2 loop handles and either one can be
used as a the soft choker or the handle. No matter which end you grab - you always have the
right end! No fussing with hard-to-handle metal clasps while trying to
hook the tiny loop on the collar of an unruly dog.
So simple, I could hardly believe that no one had thought of it.
But, no one had - so we applied to the U.S. Patent Office and Patent Pending
status was granted in February of 2016" 
Ken Johnson, Inventor

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